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* 2. Meeting & Location Information:

* 3. Which member(s) of the 2015-2016 National Executive Council are you requesting?

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* 13. Check expenses that you agree to cover:
(*National headquarters is not responsible for any NEC expenses when requested by a state or chapter.)

* 14. Once this request is submitted, FCCLA will coordinate with the requested officer(s) to ensure availability and willingness, as well as grant approval from the national office for the officer to travel. Following this, both the requester and officer(s) will receive contact information of the other party to begin making travel arrangements and meeting plans. Please do not make arrangements for the officer prior to receiving further information from FCCLA. Please contact Karen Patti, Programs Manager, with any questions at kpatti@fcclainc.org.

By checking this box, the requester verifies that all information above is accurate to the best of their knowledge and they understand national FCCLA must approve the request prior to making arrangements for the officer to travel.