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1. Default Section

1. Name of School

2. Date of Presentation

3. Total # students participating

4. Grade Level for presentation (check all that apply)

5. Student Demographics: For our reports to the NC State Environmental Education Department

Please indicate the number of students in your class that fit the following categories

6. Did the Keeper meet your expectations? (on-time, capture students attention)

7. Please rate the Keeper presenter on the following:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
captured the students' attention
presented the material accurately
demonstrated knowledge of the subject
solicited questions from students

8. Did the presentation parallel what was being taught in the classroom and the Standard Course of Study?

9. Please list new ideas, facts, or concepts that were presented?

10. What follow-up activities will you do as a result of this presentation?

11. How could we improve this program?

12. Other comments/suggestions: