1. Parks

* 1. Please name the Metro Parks you frequently visit?
(A complete list is available on the home page www.metro-parks.org)

* 2. How often do you visit Metro Parks?

* 3. If you do not visit Metro Parks, why?

* 4. What activities do you participate in at Metro Parks?

* 5. Please indicate your satisfaction level with respect to the following, for the Metro Parks system as a whole (5 representing Extremely satisfied and 1 representing Not at all satisfied):

  Extremely satisfied Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Not very satisfied Not at all satisfied N/A
Parking facilities
Sports facilities
Availability of shaded places
Places for children to play
Picnic areas
Landscape maintenance
Places to sit
Restroom facilities
Lodging facilities
Events held
Swimming facilities
Community center facilities
Historic homes facilities
Educational programing
Senior programing
Youth activities

* 6. What do you enjoy most about Metro Parks? Please be specific with respect to particular parks.

* 7. What improvements (if any) would you like to see made? Please be specific with respect to particular parks.

* 8. Where do you learn about Metro Parks services and activities?

* 9. What kind of information do you look for about Metro Parks?

* 10. If Metro Parks added services/programs, what additional services/programs would you like to see?

* 11. Would you consider contributing financially to a non-for-profit "Friends of Metro Parks" foundation for programming and maintenance/improvements of the parks?

* 12. Do you have any additional comments or questions?

If you would like updates on news and events at Metro Parks please answer the following questions and you will be added to our mailing list. We will not share your information with any other organization.

* 13. Name:

* 14. Email:

* 15. Gender:

* 16. Age:

* 17. Zip Code:

Thank you!

We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey. It will help us better serve your needs in the present and future.