Chicago STOP Smoking Project Application

Thanks for your interest in the Chicago STOP Smoking Project (C-STOP)!

What is it?

C-STOP is a research study being run at the University of Chicago. The study has two specific aims:

1) To help you STOP smoking by providing you with the tools and support needed to accomplish this goal
2) To examine whether a study drug called naltrexone may aid in smoking cessation

Study Website

If you have not yet visited our website to learn more about the study, feel free to do so prior to taking the brief application survey:
C-Stop Website-- http://stopsmoking.uchicago.edu/
Note: On study webiste, click on "APPLY FOR STUDY" to return to this page

Ready to Apply?

Once you've had a chance to look over the details of the study, if you are ready to stop smoking and wish to apply, please click 'Next' to take a brief application survey.

Please note that all information you give us will remain completely confidential. All data is kept secure by SSL Encryption.