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1. In your experience, has the shuttle usually been on time?

2. Have you ever tried to run to catch a shuttle?

3. If you said yes to question 2: Did the driver see you? Did they wait?

4. Do you feel like the drivers pay enough attention to things like students running for a shuttle?

5. Has a late or early shuttle, or a shuttle that has left you behind, ever caused you to be late to something important like a class, work or a meeting?

6. Do you feel like there are enough shuttles?

7. Overall, are you satisfied with the Grand Shuttle Service (Express and/or Regular)?

8. Are there specific times of the day or certain shuttles that you have problems with? (ie: The Grand Shuttle at the Salus Center at 11:00 am is always late). By letting us know specifics, we can make a stronger case to the transportation department.

9. Can we know your year and major? It isn't required, but it helps us to know that this problem spans more than one major group.

10. Anything else you would like to say about the Grand Shuttles?