* 1. Name

* 2. Email address - This address is not shared outside of CWA. It is used to send you important information.

* 3. Availability - We appreciate your giving us the most flexibility for scheduling. Please check all days you are available.

* 4. Which session(s) are you available? Sessions run for three or six weeks during the semester.

* 5. Course Title - Maximum of 70 characters (including spaces).

* 6. Course Description - May we use the description for this class from a previous catalog? If not, please provide your course description with a maximum of 100 words. THIS IS THE DESCRIPTION WE WILL USE IN OUR CATALOG.

7. Class size - Class size will be determined by class location. Only registered members may attend your class. Once we reach the maximum, additional students will not be permitted to register. If you must limit the size, please add five to the maximum number to allow for absenteeism.

8. Reading Required - List required reading including full title, author and ISBN. Two books maximum to be purchased by students.

9. Reading Suggested - List suggested reading including full title and author. Two books maximum to be purchased by students.

* 10. Audiovisual Needs - What types of equipment will you require? Note: Cables fit PC equipment, MAC users will need to provide adapters.