1. Do you often park in undercover parking lots?
(E.g. Shopping centres, single/multiple-level city car parks, etc.)

2. Have you seen parking lots with parking spot indication systems?
(E.g. RED light to indicate a spot is taken, GREEN light to indicate a free spot)

Consider the image(s) below for answering the next question.

Consider the image(s) below for answering the next question.

3. In all the pictures above, the spots along the row were taken. Often, cars turn in to the row to take a look, possibly causing congestion.

Do you feel that if there were was an indication overhead, you could save time and find a spot elsewhere?

4. Do you feel that when there is limited parking available during busy periods, a single free spot indicated somewhere in the parking lot may instigate reckless driving in an attempt to get the spot?

5. Do you feel it would be justified if the authorities in charge of the car parks charged fees to implement new technologies to make finding and parking easier for customers?

6. Suppose that car parks implemented a payment system to recoup the costs of introducing new technologies. By either increasing existing fees by the amounts shown below, or if parking were free earlier, introducing it as a new fee.

What is your view? (You can select multiple choices or just one if you wish)

  It would not affect how often I come here. I would come less frequently. It would be unjust and I would only come here if I must. I would never return.
10c per ticket
20c per ticket
50c per ticket
$1 per ticket

7. In addition to the light indication system mentioned above, do you feel it would be a good idea to have a display with the amount of free spots remaining in a level or row?

(E.g. 35 free spots remaining on Level 3)