Divergent Quiz

Take this short quiz about Divergent and be entered into a contest to win a free ticket to attend a premiere of the upcoming Divergent movie on March 3rd at 7:45 at the UA Colorado Center Stadium Nine.

Must be 13-18 to be eligible to win ticket.

Winners will be emailed with additional information.

* 1. Tell us about yourself (so we can contact you if you are a winner!)

* 2. What are the Five Factions?

* 3. What is the name of Beatrice's brother?

* 4. Who is Four?

* 5. What is Beatrice's first obstacle in her aptitude test?

* 6. Now for a library question!

We are transforming our Teen Blog into a virtual space to feature teen creative writing, art, inventions, book reviews, and editorials (in other words a webpage that shares creative works for teens by teens).

Help us come up with an original name for this new webpage. If we pick your webpage name as the winner then you will receive a prize!

* 7. How did you hear about this contest?