1. Introduction

8% of survey complete.
The questionnaire is part of a research study conducted by the University of Technology Sydney on the tourism accommodation needs of people with disabilities, seniors and others who have access needs and use designated accessible tourism accommodation. The research aims to identify the room requirements and preferred information format for presenting accessible accommodation so that a person with access needs is able to make an informed decision as to the appropriateness of the accommodation for their needs.

Your participation in this study is highly valued whether you travel frequently or not.

The questionnaire will take about 15 minutes to complete.

The research focuses on accessible rooms (sometimes referred to as 'disabled rooms') that accommodate people with disabilities as designated under the Building Codes of Australia and the referenced Australian Standards for Access and Mobility (AS1428).

We welcome carers/attendants, family or friends completing the survey based on the access needs of those who they travel with. For example, if you are a parent of a child with a disability you should answer the questionnaire based on the access needs of your child.

Alternative formats
If you require an alternative format or would like to complete this questionnaire by phone, please contact:
Dr. Simon Darcy
Faculty of Business
University of Technology, Sydney
Ph: 02 9514-5100 Email: simon.darcy@uts.edu.au

All responses are anonymous and confidential. The project has been approved by the UTS Human Research Ethics Committee (Ref No. 2006-24A) and any ethical issues arising from the research can be discussed with the UTS Research Ethics Manager Ms Susanna Gorman on Ph: 02 9514-1279

Further information about the research project can be found on: