1. Compared to your shopping experiences on other websites, how does the Dave and Adam’s Card World website compare?

2. How would you rate your experience with the following features and functions on the dacardworld website?

  Extremely Negative Negative Average Postive Extremely Positive N/A
Ease of Use Overall
Finding Products in General
Finding a Specific Product
Finding Products Using Search
Browsing the Site
Quality of Product Images/Descriptions
Using a Gift Certificate or Discount Code
Putting Products in Shopping Cart
Selecting a Free Gift
Checking Out

3. How many times have you visited the Dave and Adam’s Card World website in the past year?

4. Which of these terms best describes the primary reason for your visit to the website today?

5. Did you have any difficulties using the website?

6. We’re always looking to get better. Do you have and suggestions or ideas to improve the Dave and Adam’s Card World website?