1. Prior to receiving this survey, had you heard of the Kansas City PHP User Group (KCPUG) ?

2. About how many KCPUG events have you previously attended?

3. If you have previously attended a KCPUG event, how useful did you find the content that was presented or the discussions that occurred?

4. If you knew about KCPUG but have NOT attended an event, why not? Please check all that apply!

5. Would you be more likely to attend future events if complimentary food and drink were provided?

6. We are evaluating changing meeting locations (other than Black Dog Coffeehouse.) Please rate your preference for attending a future meeting at the following types of venues.

  Favorite Least Favorite
Restaurant / Bar
Formal office setting (meeting room, one central table/chairs, whiteboard)
Informal office setting (open area, sets of tables/chairs)

7. We are evaluating changing the day of the week the group meets. Which day(s) work best for your schedule? Check all that apply.

8. We are evaluating changing our meeting start time. Which times work best for your schedule? Check all that apply.

9. In terms of meeting format, please rank how much you prefer Presentations to Open Discussion formats.

  Only Presentations Even amounts Presentations and Open Discussion Only Open Discussion
I prefer...

10. Do you have any other feedback for the group organizers? How can we make the group better and exceed your expectations of a top-notch user group? Please write as much as you'd like!