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You’re invited to become a member of the Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE).

C4CE Membership is open to any organisation, group, agency or project which can demonstrate its genuine involvement with community energy and its commitment to growing a vibrant community energy sector in Australia.

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The C4CE Steering Group must approve all membership applications. Please provide a sentence or two which shows your group can:

"demonstrate its genuine involvement with community energy and its commitment to a vibrant community energy sector in Australia."
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This Membership Application is made in accordance with Section 3 of the C4CE Collaborative Governance Charter with a view to utilising the following benefits:
- Gaining knowledge and capacity for community energy and collaboration
- Access to the C4CE online community
- Involvement in C4CE Strategic Initiatives and access to C4CE resources
- Joining with a growing and coordinated voice to better advocate for the needs of the sector and have greater influence on the development of the sector
- Participating in decision-making processes
- Being eligible to nominate a representative for the Steering Group
- Utilising C4CE branding (in accordance with the licence agreement)

As Representative, I can confirm that the Applicant agrees to:
- Act in the best interests of C4CE and the sector more generally
- Actively contribute to the work of C4CE and the sector more generally
- Explain and promote community energy with their own members, constituents, clients and through their networks
- Collaborate with C4CE Members when mutually beneficial
- Avoid duplication of effort with other Members
- Contribute data and information for analysis of the sector as well as to measure and assess progress and performance of C4CE and any Strategic Initiatives
- Develop their own capacity for collaboration in C4CE

The Applicant understands that it may withdraw from C4CE at any time by simplify notifying the Steering Group. Further, the Applicant understands that the Steering Group has the authority to revoke Membership where it is justified to be in the best interests of C4CE and the community energy sector.

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C4CE is an unincorporated governance system and is legally auspiced by Starfish Initiatives. The full governance model and processes can be found in the C4CE Charter -