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1. What are the main reasons for people to come to Seychelles? Please state numbers from 1-10 next to each of choices (1- not important reason, 10- the most important reason)

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Unspoiled nature and beautiful beaches
Hot weather
Economic situation (job opportunities)
Experiences of others
Business travel
Curiosity, the desire of visiting new places
Visiting family, friends, relatives
Historical Sites

2. Do you think that tourism affect local people mostly in negative or positive way?

3. Do you think that the growing number of hotels in Seychelles is a positive thing?

4. Do you agree that that the constructions of new hotels require the devastation of natural resources?

5. Do you think that government should rather concentrate on economic benefits or environmental issues facing their country?

6. Do you notice any particular changes in the environment of Seychelles for last few years connected with tourism development?

7. Do you think that eco-tourism is popular in Seychelles?

8. Do you think that there is something that government could do to increase environmental protection?

9. Do you think that Seychelles are an expensive country for tourists?

10. Do you think that there is something what could stop people to travel to Seychelles?