The deadline for applications is at midnight on Sunday 19 January 2014. Makers will find out the outcome of their applications in the following weeks.

Thanks for your application!

* 1. Type of proposal

* 2. Project name

* 3. Project description

This text may also be used on your Maker sign. Be descriptive!

* 4. Does your exhibit include a hands-on activity?

If so, please include that in your project description.

* 5. Project website address (URL)

* 6. Project photo URL:


Please select your best photo. This will appear on your sign, and may also be used for promotional purposes. Please do not include a link to an entire online photo album.

* 7. Project film address (URL)


Please select your best video. This may be used for promotional purposes.

* 8. Maker category

Click as many as apply. We know this is hard; try and narrow it to what applies best:

* 9. Commercial Maker / Crafter Exhibits

If you are a business and would like to sell your own creations at Maker Faire, you are welcome to do so as a "Commercial Maker". Commercial Makers are responsible for their own business transactions - whether it be via cash, credit card, barter, or some other means. The fee for Commercial Makers is £250, which will be invoiced in advance and payable prior to receiving your Maker credentials. NOTE: FOOD VENDORS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS CATEGORY. Food vendors please contact

* 10. If you ARE a Commercial Maker, what do you plan to sell?

* 11. Please provide details about your exhibit:

* 12. Location preference

* 13. What electrical equipment are you bringing?

Please list everything so that we can ensure we provide enough power for you. State each item, its Amps/Watts rating and whether or not it has been PAT tested. If your equipment is not PAT tested it will be tested onsite during set up.

  PAT Tested Not PAT Tested
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5
Item 6
Item 7
Item 8
Item 9
Item 10

* 14. Noise levels

Please give us an indication of how noisy your exhibit will be:

* 15. Any special lighting requirements?

Please describe:

* 16. If your project requires a back wall, please describe how this will be used:

* 17. Internet requirements

* 18. Radio frequencies

If your exhibit uses radio frequencies, please tell us which:

* 19. How many people will be on your stand?

* 20. Do any of your team have access issues?

If yes, please describe:

* 21. Do you require the assistance of volunteers to run your activity?

If yes, please indicate how many people and their role(s):

* 22. Safety

Does your activity have a Risk Assessment that you can supply? This is mandatory for exhibits with open fire of any sort.

* 23. Please describe any safety issues or ‘risks’ associated with your project and if necessary the actions you will take to minimise these risks:

* 24. Do you have any additional PLI insurance?

* 25. Anything else we should know about your project?

* 26. Have you exhibited at any Maker Faire previously? Please tell us which one(s), and when:

* 27. If you think your project is newsworthy and you would be willing to take part in PR activity promoting Maker Faire UK ahead of the event, please give details of the newsworthy angle of your project and detail whether it is portable (ie whether it could be taken into radio/tv studios and demonstrated).

* 28. How did you hear of Maker Faire UK?

* 29. Contact details

* 30. Maker Media