* 1. What types of game do you usually play? Board Game, RPG, Miniatures Table Top, CCG, other (please define other.)

* 2. How many days of the week do you or your group normally play your game/s of choice?

* 3. How many persons are in your gaming group on an average night?

* 4. Do you play at home, a friend’s house, library, restaurant or a gaming store?

* 5. What are the reasons for the location that you use to game at?

6. How much would you estimate that you spend a year on gaming materials, comic books, graphic novels, cards etc.?

* 7. Do you purchase online or at a local gaming store? Why do you purchase that way?

8. On a scale from 1-5 (1 being terrible 5 being awesome) how would you rate the gaming stores in the Knoxville, Maryville and surrounding areas?

9. Do you participate in organized events such as RPG night, Encounters, Magic Night or tourneys, play testing etc.

* 10. Please define what kind of food/drink you would like to see in a gaming store? i.e. would you like to have a snack bar and bottled drinks, or homemade sub/meatball sandwiches with fountain drinks, or some other idea?