1. Is there interest in 360|CF?

Since we're not like other shows...meaning we don't sprinkle one tech into another, we're curious if the ColdFusion community would like a 360 style conference.

We're both CF'ers at heart, and love the CF community, but weren't sure the community would want a 360|CF event.

We've had people ask us, "What does that mean? a 360|CF, since I've never been to a 360|Flex." Fair Enough
  • a 360|CF would cost under $500.
  • a 360|CF would be about community, not marketing.
  • a 360|CF would be the best speakers, speaking on topics they care about.
  • a 360|CF would be 4 days
  • a 360|CF would offer ROI above and beyond any other event
  • a 360|CF would be the best CF conference around (If we do say so ourselves)
So you tell us. Would you?

For those who don't know about us, we're 360Conferences. You can read up on our Flex show, 360|Flex, at http://tinyurl.com/ddhut6
The basic 411 is that we're an inexpensive, community driven conference company. Tickets prices are sub $600, $360 if you buy quick. 3 days, 40 sessions with FREE Sunday preconfence training. Lunch included. USB with all conference proceedings.

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* 1. Would you like to see a 360|ColdFusion?

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* 2. Would you attend a 360|ColdFusion?

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* 3. Open ended. Any specific thoughts on this, such as when in the year, where in the us, etc.