Theme Search Entry Form

National PTA seeks a theme for the 2018-19 Reflections program year.
Please review the past themes listed below.  Repeat themes will not be considered.  Use this survey to submit your theme ideas.  Students may submit multiple entries; however, for each new entry, a survey will have to be completed.  If your theme is selected as one of the five winning entries advancing to National PTA for final judging, we will contact you to submit additional required paperwork.  The winning entry at the California State PTA level of judging will receive a $25 gift card.
The student who submits the winning entry at the National PTA level of judging will receive $100, and his or her theme will be presented at the Annual National PTA Convention.
Survey must be completed by November 1, 2016

Past Reflections Themes

Reflections: Children and Youth, Mirror Their World (1969-70)
Reflections: Children and Youth Look to Tomorrow (1970-71)
Reflections: America, The Beautiful, The Ugly (1971-72)
Reflections: This is Our Country (1972-73)
From Sea to Shining Sea (1973-74)
Our Heritage – Our Hopes (1974-75)
Spirit of '76 – Miracle of America (1975-1976)
What the World Needs Now (1976-77)
Love Is... (1977-78)
Look Out Your Window (1978-79)
Behind the Gates of Tomorrow (1979-80)
What Family Means to Me (1980-81)
What Makes Me Smile (1981-82)
Life in These United States (1982-83)
I Have a Dream (1983-84)
What Sparks My Imagination (1984-85)
From Liberty's View (1985-86)
In Celebration: A Past to Remember, A Future to Mold (1986-87)
Wonders of the World (1987-88)
Proud Experiences (1988-89)
Where Does the Sky End? (1989-90)
If I Had a Wish (1990-91)
Exploring New Beginnings (1991-92)
Imagine That (1992-93)
If I Could Give the World a Gift (1993-94)
Dare to Discover (1994-95)
Just Open Your Eyes and See (1995-96)
It Could Happen (1996-97)
Wouldn't It Be Great If (1997-98)
Suddenly you turn around and ... (1998-99)
Anything is possible ... (1999-2000)
It would be really strange if ... (2000-01)
I hold in my hand ... (2001-02)
Signs of Courage (2002-03)
I am really happy when ... (2003-04)
A Different Kind of Hero (2004-05)
I Wonder Why ... (2005-06)
My Favorite Place (2006-07)
I Can Make a Difference by ... (2007-08)
Wow! (2008-09)
Beauty Is ... (2009-10)
Together We Can (2010-11)
Diversity means ... (2011-12)
The Magic of a Moment ... (2012-13)
Believe, Dream, Inspire (2013-14)
The world would be a better place if ... (2014-15)
Let your imagination fly (2015-16)
What is Your Story? (2016-17)
Within Reach (2017-18)