Bikes on sidewalks throughout the City:

Currently, only small bikes (with tires of 20” diameter or smaller) are allowed to be ridden on any sidewalk in the City. The proposed change would allow them to be ridden—in a safe manner—on sidewalks throughout the City. Advantage: This would allow middle-school students on larger bikes and families with children to ride on sidewalks. Disadvantage: This may create conflicts between bicyclists and walkers or joggers.

1. Currently City Ordinance prohibits bikes on City sidewalks. Please select any of the following statements which best describes your opinion.

2. As a pedestrian, bicyclists on sidewalks concern me the most because:

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
Sidewalks are not wide enough to accommodate bikes and pedestrians. 
Pedestrians are not well-matched to fast-moving bikes.
Pedestrians may not be aware when bikes are approaching them
Bicyclists don’t yield to pedestrians on the sidewalks.