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1. Your internet use

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1. How many people regularly use the internet at your address

2. Do you use your internet connection for.....

3. Do you run / maintain your own website(s)?

4. What do you use the internet for?

  Never / Don't know Once a month Once a week Most days All the time
General browsing (e.g. news, weather, research, directions, phone numbers etc.)
On-line shopping (e.g. Amazon, Tesco Direct, travel, insurance etc.)
On-line banking
Government Services (e.g.: Tax, DVLA, Council)
Social networking (e.g. Facebook, MSN, MySpace, LinkedIn)
Music Download (e.g. iTunes)
Video streaming (e.g. YouTube, iPlayer)
Internet Telephony / Video Conferencing (e.g. Skype)
Web conferencing (e.g. NetMeeting, WebEx)
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
VPN (Virtual Private Network)