1. Please select the choices that BEST describes you:

2. What are your preferred analytics/software tools?

3. I joined RTA to learn about: (Check all that apply):

4. For each of the following topics, indicate if you would like to see More Content, Less Content, or the Same Amount of Content on that topic.

  A Lot Less Less Same Amount More A Lot More
Artificial Intelligence
Code development for analytics (programming techniques, software development)
Consumer research
Web Marketing
Predictive Modeling
Research Methods
Business Analytics
How local organizations are using analytics

5. For each of the following, indicate if you would like group meetings to focus more, less or the same amount in this area:

  A Lot Less Less Same Amount More A Lot More
Helping me develop my skills
Helping me connect with local employers
Helping me connect with colleagues

6. What was the best meeting you attended this year? (Please select one.)

7. What was your least-favorite presentation you attended this year?

8. What keeps you from attending more meetings?

9. What do you want us to do differently next year?

10. What else would you like to tell us?