Ranger Incident Report

RTRA wants to know what happens when riders meet Rangers.

If you have been stopped by a Ranger or tracked down and contacted by a Ranger please let us know.

By collecting this information we can monitor the information being provided by Rangers and the actions they are taking on an area by area basis.

This will help us to strengthen relationships with departments such as DPaW, Local Governments and Water Corporation, positively influence policy and help ensure that Rangers are providing correct information to riders.

IMPORTANT: We need as much information as you can provide, so please complete the entire survey, including your contact details so we can follow up if we need more information. Your details will remain entirely confidential and will never be passed to any authorities (unless you specifically ask us to follow up on your behalf).

Question Title

* 1. What registration does your bike have?

Question Title

* 2. Do you have a current drivers' licence?

Question Title

* 3. When did your Ranger contact occur?


Question Title

* 4. Where did the contact occur?
(Please be as specific as possible)