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* 1. Do you know the total number of shares outstanding in the startup you work at?

* 2. Is the preference structure for preferred shareholders at the startup you work at Standard Preferred or Participating Preferred?

* 3. Should your startup be acquired, do you have legal control over what role, title and responsibilities you'll have post-acquisition?

* 4. Assuming you have equity in the startup you work at, do you know what percentage of total shares outstanding you have?

* 5. Do you know what the industry average is - in terms of percentage of outstanding shares - for startup equity given to employees in positions similar to yours?

* 6. What type of trigger clause do you have in your startup options agreement?

7. If you have a trigger in your options agreement and are aware of what type of trigger you have, did you negotiate the trigger language or accept what the startup proposed to you?

* 8. How much do you expect your startup options to be worth after 4 years' vesting?

* 9. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The prospective startup employee has allies in understanding and optimizing his/her startup equity.

* 10. How many startup liquidity events have you had in your career?