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1. School of Professional and Community Development: Evaluation of Student Experiences

Dear Student:

The School of Professional and Community Development is requesting your feedback regarding your experiences in SPCD programs. Your responses will be confidential. Thank you for your assistance.

1. What is your gender?

2. How old are you?

3. What is the highest level of education that you have completed?

4. What is your ethnicity?

5. How did you become aware of SPCD?

6. Is this the first time you have attended a program/training offered by SPCD?

7. What program area of SPCD are your currently enrolled in?

8. Where did you register for your program?

9. How would you rate your current experience?

10. Does your current experience match what you expected of the program/course?

11. What time of day are you attending? (Check all that apply)

12. Indicate the training/education areas that you need to increase your skills(Check all that apply).

13. Rate the length of the program/course you are enrolled in.

14. Where is your program/course offered?

15. Rate the physical environment (e.g room, building etc.) where your program/courses are held.

16. Rate the following SPCD Services.

  Outstanding Satisfactory Needs Improvement
Customer Service
Outreach/ Marketing
Program/ course design
Physical Environment (e.g. classrooms)

17. If there were changes to your program/ course schedule, how were you notified? (Check all that apply)

18. Did you recieve notification about program/courses changes in a timely manner?

19. Rate the quality of program/course instruction.

20. Provide a rating of the following Instructor characteristics:

  Always Often Sometimes Rarely Never
The instructor was on time.
The instructor was professional.
The instructor was prepared.

21. Was the use of technology required for your program/course?

22. Indicate your level of agreement with the following statements related to the program/course's technology resources.

  Strongly agree Agree Agree somewhat Strongly Disagree
Computers were available for my use when needed.
Software was up-to-date.
Computers functioned effectively.

23. Rate your overall experience with SPCD community members.

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor
SPCD Staff
SPCD Administration
Your peers/ classmates

24. Rate your overall experience with Medgar Evers College community members.

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor
MEC Staff
MEC Administration
MEC Students

25. Please feel free to make additional comments.