1. Are you aware that the Academic Library has a Facebook page?

2. Have you visited the Academic Library's Facebook page?

3. Have you "Liked" the Library's Facebook page?

4. If you have "Liked" the Library's page, have you seen our posts come up in your feed?

* 5. If you have not "Liked" our Facebook page, would you be willing to do so?

* 6. If you would NOT be willing to "Like" the Academic Library's Facebook page, tell us why.

* 7. What types of postings from the Academic Library would you most likely be interested in?

8. What would lead you to "Like" a post from the Academic Library?

9. What would lead you to comment on an Academic Library post?

10. Would you be more likely to "Like" library posts or comment on Academic Library posts if there was something in it for you? If so, what would make it more important to you?