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1. El Cuestionario Personal

Welcome to Spanish 2 and thank you for filling out this quick questionnaire. It will help me to learn a little about you before we begin the school year.

--Señor Lobo



* 1. Tell me a little about yourself.

* 2. Tell me a little more about yourself.

* 3. Check one of the following:

4. If you did not go to Park last year, please answer the following.

* 5. What are your strengths in Spanish or language study? What are your weaknesses? Please describe both in as much detail as possible.

6. List some things that Señor Lobo can do to help you learn more effectively (such as: write on the board, give out written instructions, etc.).

* 7. Why are you studying Spanish? What are your goals for this year in Spanish class?

* 8. Please rate how confident you feel about your own ability to do the following.

  I'm a star at this! Not worried. I look forward to the challenge. Depends on the situation. I'm inconsistent with this. Sometimes hard for me. Makes me nervous. Terrifies me! I need to work on this.
speak clearly in Spanish
write successfully in Spanish
comprehend what others are saying to you in Spanish
make yourself understood by a Spanish speaker
take written tests and quizzes in Spanish
take oral/spoken tests and quizzes in Spanish
stay organized (your notebook, your assignments)
ability to communicate with teachers about any challenges that you may be having (after class, after school)

9. Is there anything else that Señor Lobo should know about you, or that you'd like to share with him?