* 1. How often do you personally visit the Etowah Carnegie Library?

* 2. How far do you travel from work or home to visit the library?

3. What is the purpose of your visit to the library? Please number in order of importance.

* 4. If you have NOT recently visited the library or do NOT intend to visit the library, please share with us why. Please choose as many responses that apply.

* 5. If there is something that we can improve about the library that would encourage you to visit more often, please share with us what that might be.

6. If you access the Internet, what Internet services do you use regularly? Please check all that apply.

7. If the library would offer new training classes, what type of training class would you like to attend?

8. What type of new programming can the library offer that you would like to attend?

9. What is the time of day or evening that works BEST for you to visit the library?

10. What is your age group?

11. Any other thoughts/ideas you would like to share?

12. Are you interested in volunteering your time or donating to the library?