1. Rita Levi-Montalcini, who recently passed away, received the Nobel Prize for:

2. What part of our nervous system is often referred to as the second brain?

3. Which area in the brain is usually associated with the production of language?

4. Who first called glia the glue of the nervous system?

5. How many areas did Brodmann originally define in non-human primates?

6. What percentage of the average human brain is water (approximately)?:

7. What is the Dentate nucleus?

8. In addition to his work on split-brain research, Roger Sperry is known for:

9. Which type of glial cell is responsible for myelination in the central nervous system?

10. The EEG frequencies corresponding to the “gamma” wave band is closest to:

11. Bonus question (worth 1 correct answer): What topic would you like to see covered in a Cell Press review??

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