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Application Deadline:
* March 15, 2012: Undergraduate Applicants
* June 15, 2012: Graduate Students

Applications will be reviewed using the following criteria: academics, professional commitment, spiritual sensitivity, leadership, service, and financial need.

1. Please provide the following information:

2. Please provide the following information:

3. Gender:

4. Program:

5. Endorsement Area(s) (If applicable):

6. Ethnicity:

7. Graduate Students: Do you qualify for the Kingswood Scholarship as a current educator in a private Christian school?

8. Graduate Students: Do you qualify for the Ethnic Diversity Scholarship?

9. The mission of the School of Education includes four traits: competence, character, service and leadership. Describe yourself in relationship to each of these traits and how those traits contribute to your success and your positive impact in schools. (500 words or less)

10. Why do you want to become an educator? Or: Why are you an educator? Please provide examples of your experience. (300 words or less)

11. Please describe your own spirituality and explain how it guides you as an educator. (300 words or less)

12. Describe why your current financial need qualifies you for a scholarship. (300 words or less)

Scholarship Application SOE
Revised Februay 2012