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1. Following the RLSO training you previously attended, have you applied this to your work?

2. Have you passed on the knowledge gained during the RLSO training to colleagues internally, or external partners?

3. How much time have you spent per visit on average, to the RLSO since the training?

4. Which of the current data sets on the RLSO, do you find of particular interest for your work? (you are able to click on more than one if applicable)

5. Which of the current data sets within the RLSO, would you like to see further localised data at Ward or LSOA level?

6. How often would you ideally visit the RLSO site?

7. Are there data sets not currently on the RLSO, which you would like to have displayed and included? (If YES, please list and specify in the space below)

8. Are there any current aspects of the RLSO which you believe could be improved?

9. What areas within the RLSO, would you appreciate further assistance with?