This survey is designed to ensure that DACs have completed the required TCAP administration training and are familiar with TCAP administration procedures. It also serves as a tool for your feedback to help the Assessment Unit ensure that its trainings are high quality and relevant. Completion of this survey will serve as a record of your completion of the TCAP Test Administration Training for DACs

* 1. Last Name

* 2. First Name

Please take the following TCAP test administration quiz

* 4. True or False: Foreign exchange students must take TCAP

* 5. When completing a student bigraphical data grid for a sudent with the primary disability, "physical disability," which of the following is true?

* 6. The three week testing window applies to:

* 7. You suspect that a teacher may have provided students with test questions. When should you contact the Assessment Unit?

* 8. Halfway through a test session, a teacher realizes that he is adminstering the wrong session. What is the proper order of the steps that should be taken to prevent a misadministration?

Please provide the Assessment Unit with feedback for this training

* 9. This training was helpful

* 10. I learned something new from this training

11. Please provide any feedback you have including suggestions for improving furture trainings

Thank you for taking the time to complete the TCAP test administration training and providing feedback.