1. Are you a registered voter in the Town of Boothbay?

2. Did you vote at the Special Town Meeting on November 5th?

3. Regardless of your actual vote, did you favor the Tax Increment Financing question?

4. Regardless of your actual vote, did you favor the bond question?

5. Did the local government explain the issues well?

6. Why do you suspect that the Tax Increment Financing question failed?

7. Why do you suspect the bond issue failed?

8. Should the Selectmen reintroduce a simpler and more consice Tax Increment Financing Plan? (The reintroduced plan would not have a bond, or mandatory expenditures, or traffic improvements)

9. Should a question of this magnatude be asked in an open Town Meeting or through a referendum ballot?

10. What other components related to the Tax Increment Financing proposal and bond questions should the Selectmen be considering with this failed article or future questions?