Pre and post foresight exam

100% of survey complete.

Instructions: Please choose the answer you think completes the numbered statement correctly. There is only one answer unless otherwise stated.

Please do this exam first on what you think the answers are today based on your current knowledge.

Then you can find the answers to these questions in Shaping Tomorrow's Practical Foresight Guide at We recommend you read the guide and/or attend our strategic learning workshop to increase your knowledge.

Then take the exam again after reading the guide or attending the learning workshop. Spot remaining gaps and close them by consulting the Practical Foresight Guide again until you have a perfect score. If you obtain a perfect score let us know and we will issue you with a certicate of competence.

Your personal results will not be shared by Shaping Tomorrow with anyone. Please be honest in your answers so that we may help you more.

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* 1. Future thinking assumes that:

* 2. Foresightful organizations:

* 3. Complex systems:

* 4. Foresightful managers:

* 5. Strategic foresight:

* 6. People engaged in foresight:

* 7. Well defined strategic questions:

* 8. Tracking stakeholders likely future actions:

* 9. Foresights projects:

* 10. Which of these tools is the most well-known and most cited of strategic methods:

* 11. Horizon scanning is best done:

* 12. Spotting changes requires:

* 13. Futurists use:

* 14. Futures reflection requires:

* 15. Which five words from this list most likely identify change anomalies?:

* 16. Which company is most cited as having made the most cited method in Question 10. an every day word?:

* 17. Trends:

* 18. Wildcards and Surprises:

* 19. Strategic thinking is:

* 20. Trends:

* 21. Making predictions means:

* 22. My knowledge, attitude and future performance has been enhanced by reading the guide.

* 23. I'm inspired, engaged and enabled now to use strategic foresight in my every day work

* 24. I would like to suggest these improvements to the guide and the exam

* 25. I need more help in the areas described by me below

* 26. Taking all i know into account my organisation exhibits:

* 27. I would be willing to help my organisation increase its foresight competence

* 28. What is your first and last name?

* 29. Who do you work for?

* 30. Age

* 31. Job title

* 32. What is the highest level of school you have completed or the highest degree you have received?