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1. Which Community Resource Bank Office do you frequent?

2. Have you visited your branch in the last year?

3. Overall, how satisfied are you with the service you receive at Community Resource Bank?

4. During your last visit how satisfied were you with the friendliness of staff?

5. How satisfied were you with the employees knowledge of bank products & services?

6. During your last visit how satisfied were you with the speed and efficiency of staff?

7. Do you receive e-statements?

8. Please indicate your satisfaction regarding the ease of accessing e-statements through online banking.

9. Do you find CRB e-statements easy to read and understand?

10. Have you contacted your branch by telephone in the last year?

11. Approximately how often do you contact the bank by telephone in a year?

12. What is the reason for your most recent telephone contact with the bank?

13. In terms of the service you expected from the telphone contact please rate your satisfaction.

14. Would you recommend Community Resource Bank to a friend or business associate?

15. Do you have any remarks you want to add concerning the service you have been receiving at your branch?

16. Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. Would you like someone from the bank to contact you?

17. Your contact information (optional)