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Thank you for following a link to this survey. This survey forms part of a PhD research project at the University of Exeter. You will not be contacted by anybody in connection with this survey unless you add contact details. If you add contact details, they are not linked to your answers.

Research Procedure: The purpose of the survey is to find out how sheep and goat owners are using the electronic identification devices (EIDs). I want to hear your experiences and opinions with regard to EID.

Benefits: The survey will aid assessment of the effect of EID legislation on the sheep and goat industries. The results of the survey will help the National Sheep Association represent the views of sheep and goat farmers to Defra. There is also a prize draw, if you enter an email address or contact details (no other use is made of these contact details). There are prizes worth £50 each. The NSA, NFU, Dalton(Tags4u) and Roxan (tagfaster) are contributing a prize each and so am I.

Risks: All information is confidential and rendered anonymous. There are no foreseeable risks.

Participation: To participate press 'next'. If you do not wish to participate press 'Exit the survey' in the top right hand corner of your web browser. The survey takes a minimum of ten minutes to complete. There are spaces for you to give more of your opinions. It would be really helpful and valuable, if you can add your detailed views and opinions.

Contact: This research is being conducted by Diana Willoughby MRCVS at the University of Exeter. Tel: 07432673140. Email:

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