1. Are you aware of Pitkin County's weekly "Agenda" ad every Monday in the Aspen Daily News?

2. What kind of information do you find useful in Pitkin County's weekly ad?

3. Do you think the weekly newspaper "agenda" ad is a good way for the county to get information to the community?

4. Would you rather get information about the county - the information in this ad - via email?

5. Do you get information about Pitkin County on the Internet? If so where?

6. Do you read local newspapers?

7. Do you pay attention to online advertising?

8. Do you listen to local news on the radio?

9. Do you watch Pitkin County webcasts (streamed from our website: www.aspenpitkin.com) of County Commissioner meetings?

10. Do you watch the Pitkin County government channel CGTV Channel 11?

11. Is Pitkin County doing a good job of getting information about the County to you (the public)?