Dear Conservation Partner,

We all live in a dramatically changing environment … one of fewer resources and extremely challenging natural resource issues.

In order to keep pace with these changes, I am leading the Michigan Department of Natural Resources through a strategic planning process. I believe that a strategic plan will ensure the Department is well prepared to address emerging issues, seize opportunities and navigate new realities. Your involvement in this process is vital. With your help, we’ll be fully informed about our partners’ opinions on the DNR’s strengths and weaknesses – as well as the opportunities and threats that influence our natural resources. With this information, we create a common vision for the future.

As a critical step in this process I am asking that you assist the Department by taking this survey, which should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Your identify will not be revealed to the Department when you return the survey. Your email address will also not be revealed to the Department.

I value your involvement in this important strategic planning process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Donna Stine at or 517-241-3774, or Pat Stewart at or 517-335-1833.

Thank you for your time, candor and good ideas as we move forward together in strategically planning for Michigan’s conservation future. Please finalize the survey by March 30, 2012.


Rodney Stokes