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6. Archaeological evidence suggests that Aboriginal people have lived in Australia:

7. What was the legal term used by the British to claim sovereignty over Australia?

8. When were Aboriginal people recognised as citizens of Australia?

9. Aboriginal people claim a spiritual connection through the Dreaming to:

10. The 1992 Mabo Decision about Native Title finally rejected the fictional concept of:

11. How can you tell if a person is of Aboriginal descent?

12. Elders in Aboriginal communities are:

13. The colours of the Aboriginal flag (red, yellow and black) represent:

14. Which 1997 report told the devastating stories of the 'Stolen Generation'?

15. What policy has been developed to ensure that Aboriginal communities are able to choose the best way to meet their social, cultural and economic needs?

16. The 1996 Wik Decision meant that Native Title to land was:

17. Many Aboriginal people are disadvantaged by discrimination because of:

18. What are the key health risks for Aboriginal populations in Australia today?

19. Aboriginal youth face disadvantage through:

20. What is the key concept to remember when working with Aboriginal people?

21. What is central to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity and culture?

22. As custodians walking over the land, returning to the sacred places Aboriginal people:

23. Select the best description of how the first Australians view the land and the sea:

24. What was different in Torres Strait Islander lifestyles compared to the mainland?

25. What event caused a mass movement of Torres Strait Islanders to the mainland?

26. A moiety or skin classification enabled people to be:

27. Aboriginal law is veiled in secrecy to:

28. How many dialects were spoken in Australia before settlement?

29. What is the most commonly used dialect today?

30. ATSIC (Aboriginal & Torres Strait ISlander Commission) the national voice of Indigenous affairs was disbanded inL

31. Overt racism means:

32. Covert racism means:

33. Systematic racism means:

34. Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people live in cultural separation because of:

35. Working both ways means: