Bookskin Survey

Hello. I am currently conducting a survey for part of my MA publishing course. Within the course I have to create an idea for a new product within the publishing world.

This new product is called Bookskin a bracelet one can wear and it will project your book onto your arm. It will be an interactive device so you can chose your book from your home screen, swipe pages back and forth and adjust the size of font all on your arm. It will also have an audio jack for your headphones. Imagine a kindle on your arm!

Thanks for completing my survey!

* 1. Do you read?

* 2. Do you own an e-reader?

* 3. Would a product like Bookskin interest you?

* 4. Which would you like to use Bookskin with?

* 5. How much would you be willing to spend on a device such as Bookskin?