Thank you for coming to this survey page. At Presbybop Music, we are exploring different models for producing our next CD. The new CD will prominently feature Bill Carter's piano playing. He has begun to work on the new compositions with a possible studio date in fall 2010.

Would you take a few minutes to complete this quick survey? Be sure to enter below for the free drawing!

* 1. Would our friends and fans be interested in pre-purchasing our next CD, as a way of investing in its completion?

* 2. Do you think our friends and fans would make a donation in advance of the CD project, as a way of helping the project to go forward?

* 3. To thank our donors, we want to offer a number of premiums for those who support this project. What should they be?

* 4. It might be possible to set up this project so that our fans could support it through a tax-deductible donation. Do you think that is a good idea? (NOTE: We are exploring www.fracturedatlas.com as our non-profit organization for this purpose.)

* 5. Would people be willing to pay only by credit card for supporting the CD project? In this internet age, that seems to be the preferred way.

* 6. We are testing the waters: if you chose to take part, what range of support might you consider giving? (no obligation implied!)

* 7. Any additional comments?

* 8. Want to be considered for a free drawing? Three lucky winners will receive the Presbybop CD or DVD of their choice. Just include your name and e-mail below: