1. What do you request most from the IT Department?

2. How satisfied were you with the quality of support in resolving your most recent problem?

3. How satisfied are you overall with the customer support from the Information Technology (IT) Department?
1 - poor; 10 - excellent

4. If you rated the department 4 or less, what do you think needs to be corrected to provide better customer service?

5. Are you aware that IT supports and services all of the following areas: School of Law, School of Divinity (East Campus), School of Social Work (West Campus), Capstone Institute (West Campus), and Center for Drug Abuse Research (West Campus)

6. What technologies have you seen at other Law Schools that you would like to have at Howard University School of Law?

7. What new technology would you like to see implemented within the next 12 months?

8. What additional recommendations do you have to improve the services of the IT Department?

9. General Comments: