1. Under The Influence

Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to participate in a survey by filling out the following questionnaire. Your response is important to us, as it sheds light on how you perceive the direction being taken by drug policy in Australia. The survey is entirely confidential, and has received ethics approval from the Royal Adelaide Hospital Ethics Committee.

The questionnaire touches on a wide variety of topics, and is aimed at generating data and information that will provide an insight into the current state of funding and morale in alcohol and other drug (AOD) research in Australia.


This survey is for people who are involved in AOD research in Australia.

This survey will ask you questions about your perceptions of funding and sources of influence in Australian AOD research. We are also interested in your workplace conditions and your hopes and aspirations working in the field. You can also choose to have further input into the project at the end of the survey.

The survey has 35 questions and should take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. We have included a number of 'impressionistic' questions deliberately, as well as numerous opportunities for free text and opinion.


Potentially identifying information, such as your name and your Internet Protocol (IP) address, will not be collected. Any identifying information you do provide will be kept strictly confidential. Your participation is entirely voluntary. You will not be forced to answer any question, and are free to withdraw from the survey at any time by simply closing your browser.

This survey contains questions about your professional life. Due to this sensitive content, you may want to consider completing this survey in private. The following steps have been taken to ensure security of survey responses: survey data can only be downloaded at a specified secure location accessible by the investigators, and the resulting database will be stored on an encrypted drive accessible once again by me alone.

Any information you provide will be stored securely and kept for at least five years. We intend to publish the research in academic articles and conference presentations. In any publication or presentation, information will be presented in such a way that you cannot be identified. Online forum names and locations will also not be published.


This project is being conducted by the OzTox Collaboration and The Australian National University. This study has been approved by the RAH Human Research Ethics Committee.


If you would like more information about this project before participating, please contacting David Caldicott through the RAH Switchboard on 08 8222 4000 or Andrew MacIntosh at the Australian National University on 02 6125 3832

If you wish to speak to someone not involved in the study about your rights as a volunteer or about the conduct of the study, contact the Chairman, Research Ethics Committee, Royal Adelaide Hospital on 8222 4139.

By undertaking and completing this survey you agree that:
I have been informed of and understand the purposes of the study.
I have been given an opportunity to ask questions.
I understand I can withdraw at any time without prejudice.
Any information which might potentially identify me will not be used in published material.

I am involved in AOD research
I agree to participate in the study as outlined to me.
Please complete this survey only once.

Many thanks for your help- we look forward to sharing our results with you. If you've found it useful, and/or interesting, we'd be very grateful if you could forward the link on to any of your colleagues that you think would be interested in completing it.

Please read the following questions and check the appropriate box or fill in the appropriate answer.