1. Kuentz has a welcoming and positive atmosphere for students and parents.

2. Kuentz provides a safe and caring environment for our child.

3. We feel that Kuentz Elementary offers my child a balance of high academic instruction, along with opportunities for social development and community building (i.e. school assemblies, recess, after school clubs, Helotes community events, etc.)

4. Our child’s individual needs are met through high quality academic instruction.

5. We are informed of our child’s academic progress.

6. Is your child required to do too much homework, too little homework, or about the right amount of homework?

7. We feel well-informed of school activities, events, and important announcements as communicated through the teacher “e-mail blasts”, teacher webpage, newsletters, the monthly calendars, the marquee, the Friday folder, the School Messenger Phone System and the Newly Designed campus website found at http://kuentzes.nisd.net

8. How do you prefer to receive information from the school and your child’s teacher?

9. The Kuentz administrators are willing to listen and are receptive to feedback.

10. We feel confident in the decisions the PTA makes on behalf of our children.

11. We feel welcome to volunteer at Kuentz and there are ample opportunities to do so.

12. Overall we would rate Kuentz Elementary as:

13. Please select the grade level(s) of your child(ren): *

14. Additional Comments: