In order to best serve you, please provide your honest feedback to the questions below. Your answers will help the Arthritis Foundation make decisions and allocate resources. Thank you!

* 1. What resources do the parents/guardians of the family most need?

  Most needed Needed Unsure Not needed
Educational books and brochures
Social events
Educational website
Live educational seminars
Volunteer opportunities
Parent to parent connections including phone and email exchanges
Website communities, message boards and/or chat rooms

* 2. What educational topics are you (parent/guardian) most interested?

  Most interested Interested Unsure Uninterested
Financial assistance
Medical treatments
Alternative/Complimentary therapies
Coping skills
Employer issues
Disease-specific information
Family issues
Exercise (for the child)
School issues

* 3. What resources for your children would be most beneficial?

  Most interested Interested Unsure Uninterested
Social events
Website communities, message boards, blogs and/or chat rooms
Volunteer opportunities
Educational books and brochures
Educational website resources
Educational seminars

* 4. Is there anything else you would like to share to help the Arthritis Foundation serve children living with arthritis and related diseases?