Please read and complete the waiver below.

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I (your name here)

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* herein Student, hereby give my consent and permission for me to participate in (activity)

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* which shall occur from (Start date-End date)

I/We understand that, but for my/our execution of this RELEASE, WAIVER AND INDEMNIFICATION, the Student would not be allowed to participate in the Activity.

I/We assume all liability for and agree to save, indemnify, defend and hold the Boulder Valley School District RE-2 (School District) and Lifelong Learning, its agents and employees, harmless from any and all claims or demands of any sort or nature for damage or injury to persons or property caused by the acts or omissions of the Student; and

I/we understand and agree that the Student’s participation in the Activity is entirely voluntary and that by undertaking to have the Student participate in the Activity, we expressly acknowledge that such participation potentially involves risks and obligations that are impossible to predict but which are beyond the scope of those normally associated with traditional school activities conducted on School District or other property. These may include, without limitation, the risk of personal injury while participating in the Activity.

By signing below, the Student expressly understands and agree to assume all risks associated in any way whatsoever with the Activity. It is expressly understood that all such risks, and potential losses, damage or injury are not known and cannot be determined as of the date of this Agreement, but it is the express intent of the undersigned parties that this assumption of risk apply to any and all such unknown risks, damages, losses and injuries.

I/We also waive any claim against the School District and their agents and employees, and hereby release them from any claim, cause of action or demand I/we may have arising out of or in connection with any personal or bodily injury, illness, or property damage which the Student may sustain during the Activity and agree to indemnify, save and hold the School, its agents and employees, harmless from any claim, demand or cause of action of whatsoever nature or kind asserted by or on behalf of the Student for any personal or bodily injury, illness, or property damage sustained by the Student during the Activity and the Student’s participation therein.

By our signatures hereon, I/We affirm that I/We have read and fully understand the terms, conditions, releases, waivers and assumptions above set forth.

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