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What Is a Host Family Program?

The Host Family Program at UW-Whitewater is not a live-in program but rather is designed to promote cross-cultural understanding by fostering relationships between UW-Whitewater international/exchange students and Whitewater area residents. You, as an international or exchange student, will be able to cultivate relationships with Americans outside of the university community, enabling you to expand upon your experience. Host families may help make your transition into American life go more smoothly. Host families benefit from these relationships by learning more about the ways of life in other countries.

How Do Students Get Involved?

Students interested in having a host family should complete the information below and send it with your Arrival Information Sheet prior to your arrival. The Friendship/Host Family Program Coordinator will inform you of your host family assignment during the first week of the semester.

What Is Expected?

Host families should contact you after they are matched with you and invite you to their home for a meal or on an outing (shopping, touring, etc.). They may invite you to spend American holidays with them (Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.). You are given a valuable opportunity to broaden your cultural experience during your stay in the United States.

Please Note: Host families are not expected to support you financially or to board you at their homes, nor are they expected to become involved in any legal issues (immigration or other issues) you may experience while in the United States.

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