Thank you for registering your research with the Office of Medical Education (OME). Establishing a register of research and evaluation will be beneficial for several reasons.

1. It will help ensure that our students are not burdened unnecessarily by frequent surveys or requests to participate in research not related to the core UQ goals of medical education or graduate attributes.

2. It will allow the OME to ensure that any research or evaluation (not directly connected to a course) is meaningful to our students’ education and conducted at an appropriate time.

3. It will help ensure there is no duplication of effort in research or evaluations and may in some instances facilitate collaboration between individuals working in similar areas.

4. It will allow the OME to advertise the research underway in medical education within the Faculty of Medicine and maintain an audit for purposes of reporting or reviews by UQ, Faculty, AMC etc.

Before completing this template, please read the ‘Guidelines for the Process of Registering Additional Evaluations and Educational Research Projects in the MD Programs’, available on the OME website.

If you have any questions please contact:

1. Please provide a title for your Research Project / Evaluation

2. Primary Investigator
NOTE: This will be the main contact person responsible for any questions related to the administration of a survey, or project protocols, and for providing an update or a report on progress if required.

3. Describe your project
Please provide a brief description / rationale of the project ~ 1/2 page max (i.e. are not looking for a project proposal, only a synopsis).  
- Clearly state why participation might be interesting and educational to medical students.
- Provide a separate 'preamble' that you intend to supply as part of your invitation to participate in your project.
- Include any instructions the students need to complete the survey.
- Provide the details of how the students will send the survey back to you.

4. What does your research involve?

5. If your project involves a survey, what is your proposed;

6. Have you decided when you wish to administer your survey/evaluation or conduct your research?

7. Who are your intended participants?

8. Ethics: Please ensure that your study meets the ethical guidelines for research on humans (see National Statement on the Conduct of Research). Does your study require ethics approval?

9. Ethics Approval
- If you have received your ethics approval please provide your HREC approval number(s) below.
- By separate email, please provide your approved Participant Information Sheet (PIS) and Consent Form. 
- Clearly indicate your surname and an abbreviated project title in the email ‘Subject’.
- If you have not received your ethics approval please give information explaining why and when you expect your clearance.

10. Do you agree to have your research project listed on the Office of Medical Education webpage?