The following quiz will help you rate your present "Love IQ." As you take the quiz, please be easy on yourself & give yourself the benefit of the doubt on each question. We're all growing in love. By taking the quiz repeatedly, you'll be able to increase your love IQ because you will be more aware of love possibilities.

The Quiz has 50 short questions. Since it's designed to reveal the love skills most people have never been taught, there's no final score at the end.

The quiz is based on our book "Love Skills for Personal & Global Transformation: Secrets of a Love Master" by Scott & Shannon Peck

* 1. I am able to receive love generously.

* 2. I cherish my life purpose (even as I'm discovering what it is).

* 3. I give my myself sacred solitude where I can be still & listen for guidance.

* 4. I am aware of my feelings (even as they change) & accept them as valid.

* 5. I see myself as a masterpiece unfolding.

* 6. I practice positive inner talk as a healthy way of loving myself.

* 7. I love & take care of my body.

* 8. I am visible to myself & others & I allow myself freedom to be me.

* 9. I set healthy boundaries that honor my needs as just as important as another's needs.

* 10. I forgive myself, knowing that I am learning & growing & becoming a more enlightened person.

* 11. When greeting others, I smile openly & genuinely.

* 12. When greeting others, I look directly but softly into their eyes.

* 13. When greeting others, I make a loving comment to create warmth & connection (e.g. "It's good to see you." or "I like the colors you're wearing," or "I hope you're having a good day." or "I love your joy!"

* 14. I take the lead in creating intimacy with others.

* 15. When I'm with someone, I'm present & tuned in, aware of the vast potential of love we could share.

* 16. When I'm with someone, I ask "love questions" such as "What are you most passionate about?" or "What's the most significant thing going on in your life?"

* 17. I listen with empathy (tuning in to the heart) when someone is speaking to me.

* 18. I accept others without judgment, criticism, or internal labeling.

* 19. When I'm listening, I don't interrupt. I use silence as a love tool.

* 20. When I'm listening to someone's heart & sense there is more to be unpacked, I encouragingly say "Tell me more."

* 21. After listening to someone, I reflect back what I've heard in my own words, in order to honor them & check my own accuracy.

* 22. After listening to others, I honor their soul (their highest self) by telling them how special & valuable they are - and why.

* 23. I am transparent (open, honest, & visible) when I communicate with others, as long as I check in with myself first to see if I feel safe.

* 24. I speak with gentleness to soothe another's heart & allow intimacy to flow.

* 25. I speak up & share from my heart even when others don't know how to give me the opportunity.

* 26. I act with integrity (honesty, fairness, reliability, & trustworthiness) in my relationships.

* 27. I am responsive to others when they open their hearts & invite me in - so they know & feel that I care.

* 28. I take my relationships higher by cherishing others' dreams (or helping others discover their dreams).

* 29. When there is division or separation with someone, I try to create unity & positive feelings.

* 30. I speak with honesty, but also kindness at the same time.

* 31. I flow with patience in my relationships.

* 32. I express joy & playfulness in my relationships.

* 33. I forgive those who have hurt me & I move higher, but I do not tolerate abuse.

* 34. I look for ways to empower others by supporting them & helping them move higher.

* 35. In conflict, I make effort to envision the highest possibility of peace before speaking or acting impulsively.

* 36. In conflict, I create peace by encouraging others to express their feelings openly using non-violent language.

* 37. In conflict, I listen with compassion to all sides.

* 38. In conflict, I am a loving & detached observer (in order not to be overwhelmed with emotions).

* 39. In conflict, I use & encourage loving speech.

* 40. In conflict, I help others gently move past their "story" & explore higher solutions.

* 41. In conflict, I look for ways to move towards forgiveness.

* 42. I ask divine Love, the Universe, or a Higher Power for healing guidance in my life.

* 43. I let divine Love or Higher Power speak intuitively through me to others.

* 44. I call forth the divine in myself & others.

* 45. I offer sweet assurances to others in need.

* 46. I praise others often & generously.

* 47. I love to resonate in harmony with others.

* 48. When faced with problems for myself or others, I hold the space for healing possibilities.

* 49. I love to bless others with love & goodwill.

* 50. When parting, I leave a love imprint that uplifts & endures.

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