1. I am primarily

* 2. How often do you eat at each of these BSU Dining locations? (please respond for each location)

  I only eat here 3+ times a week 1-2 times a week Occasionally, but not every week Never
The Atrium
Bookmark Cafe
Elliott Dining
Jamba Juice
LaFollette Square
Noyer Centre
Student Center Tally
Tom John Food Shop
Woodworth Commons

3. What are your reasons for eating in Ball State Dining? (check all that apply)

4. NetNutrition is Dining's online menu and nutrition information tool. If you have used NetNutrition, why? (check all that apply)

5. How often do you use NetNutrition to view nutrition information for menu items before you eat at a Dining location?

6. If you answered "rarely" or "never" to question 5, why?

* 7. How important is it to you that Dining offers healthy, nutritious choices?

* 8. When you think of healthy foods, what is your definition of "healthy"?

* 9. What are your challenges when trying to choose healthy options in Dining? (check all that apply)

10. Please check any special diets you follow either by choice or for a medical reason. (check all that apply)

* 11. If you follow a special diet, is Dining meeting your needs?

* 12. Please rate how important it is to you that Dining offers the following offerings.

  1-Not at all important 2 3 4 5-Very important
Whole grains
Baked options
Fish & seafood
Vegetarian/meatless options
Specialty meat substitutes (garden burgers, tofu entrees, e.g.)
Dairy-free products/dairy alternatives
Low-calorie options
Low-fat options
Gluten-free products
Natural/organic products

13. What nutrition facts are of most concern to you? (check all that apply)

14. Would you like to see nutrition information on the labeling of grab-n-go packages in Dining (pre-made salads, sandwiches, e.g.)?

15. Would you like to see nutrition information posted on menus for items within each Dining location (homestyle items, grill items, e.g.)?

16. If you answered "yes" to questions 14 or 15, please rate the importance of each of the following being included on labels/menus.

  1-Not at all important 2 3 4 5-Very important
Total calories
Fat content
Protein content
Carbohydrate content
Sugar content
Fiber content
Sodium content
Viatmin or mineral content

17. In general, what steps could Dining take to better meet your nutrition needs? (please be specific)