1. Welcome to our survey

Parents and Educators of Students in the Northfield Public Schools,

In our effort to create a District calendar for 2009-10 we have created two possible calendars for next year. These calendars were developed by the District’s Meet and Confer Committee and are posted on the District Website at www.nfld.k12.mn.us. Also on the website is a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) concerning the weekly one-hour late start or early release proposal that is being considered as part of the proposed calendars. Both calendars are centered on student learning and achievement, opportunities for staff growth and development, and support for families.

The purpose of this survey is to seek out your preferences on two calendar related issues. The first issue is the decision to start school before or after Labor Day. The second issue is the decision concerning the framework of when Professional Learning Communities should meet. These two issues require two separate decisions. The decision made on one has no impact on the other.

The survey results will be tabulated by the web-based survey firm and are completely anonymous. There are six questions on this survey. Please complete the survey by Monday, March 2, 2009.