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1. Does your community have a residential rental registration program?

2. Do your residential rental program requirements include passing an interior inspection based on IPMC or similar standards? If yes, who performs the inspections?

3. How much do you charge for the registration &/or inspection; is it an annual fee, on a 5 year cycle or other; and how much revenue does the program generate on an annual basis?

4. Do you charge re-inspection fees in case of failed inspections? If yes, how much do you charge?

5. Have any liability issues arisen due to damages associated with inspection error? Please explain.

6. Did you add any additional staff for implementation of the program? If so, how many?

7. How is the program enforced and do you have a specific fine schedule for violations?

8. If requirements are not complied, do you revoke the rental certificate and require rental activity to Cease & Desist?

9. What is your total # of rental properties and do your requirements apply to condos and/or vacation rentals?

* 10. Please provide contact information below.